What are NFTs?

NFTs or "non-fungibile tokens" are digital assets that hold a unique identifier verified and stored using blockchain technology. NFTs are used to authenticate ownership and create a digital certificate that can be bought and sold like any property. NFT owners hold  all rights to virtual assets.

NFTs are part of the Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain where they are bought and sold. You can buy a HI Toon NFT and create an account on openSea by clicking here

To learn more about how NFTs work visit 

How can I profit off my NFT?

You can make a profit off of your NFT by buying and reselling for profit. Not only do you own an authentic digital asset you also receive XHD Investment LLC club perks. With owning a HI Toons NFT you gain access to HI Future's growing network family of businesses, influencers and entrepreneurs. You also receive discounts, first look at exclusive one of a kind peices, freebees and invitations to charity and special events (when pertinent).

All HI Toons NFTs hold a 10% royalty on all repurchases sold on the marketplace to the original artist / creator. 

Start investing in the future of crypto art and currency and become part of the HI Future family network!

Visit HI Toons NFT page here 
https://opensea.io/HItoons to buy your unique digital asset